Leah Clausen


Stream the Coalition’s ‘Death and Life of Dallas Transit’ Symposium Right Now

The Coalition for a New Dallas is holding a half-day event centered around reforming the city's transportation system.

Right now in the ornate debate chamber below Old Parkland, about 200 people are listening to a bunch of very smart people discuss everything that makes changing our transportation system difficult. There are discussions with city and Dallas Area Rapid Transit officials about funding. Another panel includes a frequent DART rider chatting with a couple board members. As I type this, data wizard Robert Mundinger is explaining how DART is the longest light rail system in the nation, “which is like saying you’re the best football team because you have the most players.” That’s a good quip for 8:30 a.m.

The day’s highlight will likely be Jarrett Walker, who’s making some of his first public comments after being hired to overhaul DART’s bus route system. Here’s the full lineup. Stream it below.


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