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Dallas: The City That Hates Pedestrians, Pt. 37

One last bit of urban kvetching before the New Year.
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UNT's Dallas Municipal Building at Commerce and Harwood.

During our last time stumbling around Dallas’ streets together, we found a giant sign blocking a sidewalk. A commenter took me to task for complaining about it, but that’s how these things change. And besides, I got an email from a reader that, frankly, made me sad.

One question we should ask is: Is Dallas in compliance with the ADA? Who in city government makes sure all departments understand ADA compliance? Who inspects work sites to see to that new development is abiding fed regulations? If sidewalks are obstructed, who should citizens call to rectify the situation?
So to (this commenter) I say, are we taking care of citizens in wheelchairs and other disabilities first and foremost? If the answer is yes, then us bi-peds will also benefit. (I am biased because my husband is now using a wheelchair and Dallas has become a hellish place to live.)
This is something similar, where access to the sidewalk on this side of the street is totally blocked off. I’m sure UNT’s new law building is going to be absolutely beautiful and impactful for downtown. It certainly appears to be. But I would still like the sidewalk while all that work is going on.
Maybe, in 2020, we can start doing better.

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