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The Guardian Visits Irving

The city is home to the most diverse ZIP code in the country.

Ahead of the Super Tuesday primaries on March 1, the Guardian is publishing a week-long series on the six southern states that will be voting that day: Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Reporter Matthew Teague begins his trip in Texas, specifically Irving:

The third most diverse zip code in the United States is on Treasure Island, in San Francisco Bay. The second is in New York City’s Queens. But the most diverse – the neighborhood with the most even balance of ethnicities and cultures – is here in Irving, Texas, a Dallas suburb. Which means that, however improbable, the African Village restaurant hasn’t cornered the market on Cameroonian goat. There’s competition.

It was real estate site Trulia that declared in 2012 that the Irving ZIP code 75038 is the most diverse in the country, based on the statistic that its largest single ethnic group accounted for only 25.7% of the population.

I pulled 2016 Census estimates to see what the area’s demographic breakdown looks like now. It’s still a proverbial melting pot: 26.79% Black, 28.32% Asian, and 23.04% Hispanic.