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Houston Is Beating Us at Bussing

As in riding an omnibus, not kissing.

“Bussing” as in riding an omnibus, not kissing.

A while back, Peter pointed to changes Houston had made to the deployment of its buses, changes from which Dallas Area Rapid Transit might learn lessons.

Today on StreetSmart, Patrick Kennedy shares updated numbers that further underline Houston’s success:

Previously Houston had a system much like DART buses with convoluted route systems that served the entire service area equally poorly. Thus, ridership suffered.  Instead, they focused on route efficiency, prioritizing corridors with high potential for ridership (high levels of origins and destinations), and increased frequency to improve reliability that you wouldn’t be standing for an hour waiting for the next bus and improved travel speeds to get you to your destination.  The market is responding.  And because it is responding so strongly, I have to imagine this will lead to bumps in real estate value along some of these frequent bus corridors.