Lesson, Learn

The other day, @BrettChisum posted the following images on twitter.  He reported the Before image to 311Dallas who reported it to TxDOT.  Check the conversation.  It’s rather funny.  Brett was concerned about the lack of ADA access and the minimum 36″ access around any obstacle.  TxDOT was apparently thinking his concern was the lack of visibility to the 35E sign (as if you couldn’t see the giant elevated freeway dead ahead).  So the real problem here, was I dunno, visibility?


Job: Done here, amirite?

The real problem isn’t even the lack of pedestrian access (the area is already incredibly hostile to pedestrians.  See: elevated highway).  Instead, it’s one of priorities.


  • Wylie H Dallas

    At the beginning, it was bad, but appeared to be technically legal, since a sidewalk can be reduced to 3′ wide under to ADA to skate around obstacles. After Brett complained about the bad sidewalk, TxDOT moved the highway sign to the middle of the 3′ wide section of sidewalk, making it illegal and impassible to those in wheelchairs or with strollers.

  • Gina

    Is there any reason the sign can’t be mounted on the pole?

  • DanKeshet

    Brett’s twitter account is blocked.