CNU-NTX Happy Hour

Now, as an official part of the Congress of New Urbanism (North Texas Chapter), we’ve decided to begin a monthly happy hour for one and all. It will be the last Thursday of every month at the Londoner in the heart of the State-Thomas neighborhood of uptown Dallas, beginning TONIGHT! From 5:30 to 7:30 or whenever anybody is ready to leave.

Eventually, we plan on beginning project/development tours as well to coincide with happy hours or urban conversations that the CNU hosts in order to raise the level of dialog and understanding while democratizing the conversation as well as any resident of the city can be just the urbanist of a practicing professional. For tonight though, it will just be about tasty adult beverages, conversations about cities, development, urbanism, or what have you, amongst friends (old and new) and colleagues.

So if you care about your city or your neighborhood, come on out. Brian McLaren promises to buy a beer for the first three attendees (not sure if that includes himself and yours truly), but I intend to double down on his offer as well. Perhaps for the last three survivors. I am Irish after all.


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