Free Beer Guess the City: Making its Triumphant Return

Back by popular demand, tonight after normal working hours the Walkable DFW happy hour can be found at Sol Irlandes downtown. No textual clues, just photographic ones and plenty of them for maximum possibility of me leaving something obvious for you to find:

Guesses in the comments. First correct answer gets a beer on this guy. Remember kids, work hard, play hard.


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  • Bregenz, Austria.

  • Bregenz, Austria

  • Bregenz, Austria

  • As I have realized there’s a Fort Worth South Happy Hour tonight I’ll forfeit whatever free beer I may have won. Will try to stop by if I’m able and if y’all will be there later into the night.

  • Kevin,
    shoot me a text if you plan on coming into the city (slightly) more enthusiastic about streetcars.