One Billion Bikes

“I cycle to work. I cycle from work. I cycle to University. I cycle pretty much everywhere.” Dressed stylishly while casually acknowledging cycling use without shame. And without helmet or fear of personal safety, I might add as well.

And not in China. Because they’re busy widening roads and going “green” by widening highways and forcibly moving peasants from their agrarian lifestyles into well-constructed filing cabinets like this one:

Oopsy Daisy. Perhaps some oversight and the nasty time for professional accreditation is worthwhile after all.

No, I’m talking about this. Ignore the dreadful cameo to begin the video if you please…unless you like gargantuan d-bags that look uncomfortable using their cheated to gain fame to promote whatever:

These bikes are powered by one billion power bars, and Oh Gawd the amount of air that fill those tires… They’re taking all our good air!!!!!1111!!!


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