Hot or Not: Instructions

After seeking some council with all of you residing on the other side of this computer screen, I think the best way to go about this is to provide a simple 1 to 10 rating system where each of you can vote on each individual neighborhood or development around the metroplex. My hope is that this can give us a baseline for assessing the rights and wrongs of a place in comparison or contrast to various other places within the Metroplex. (I will probably occasionally include various ones throughout the country that might be similar to something we have here, i.e. LA Live vs. Victory)

After enough voting occurs, I will chime back in with what I believe was done right and wrong and what lessons we can all learn from the place for future reference.

What TO DO:
Rate the pictures of the place based on experience. How does the place make you feel within it. We want to take Apples and Oranges and find some commonality in a standardized scoring system. For example, if it is a great single family neighborhood it should rate highly.

We want to gauge the subjective. We want to measure the emotive capacity of a space. What I will do is run the neighborhood through the objective criteria established by LEED-ND for what a neighborhood in order to show (or not) the limited ability of the objective. My hope is that two places might rate equally high on LEED-ND, but have a huge disparity in a place’s ability to emote, which is probably far more important and telling.

If you once lived there and had a problem with the landlord or your neighbor either abstain or try to put it out of your mind. If you have had architectural training, I’d like for you to try to turn that off as much as possible and focus on the quality and experience of the places between buildings. The places where cities are experienced and remembered.

I will try to incorporate a number of photographs to provide the full experience of the place. Try to look at the place through the eye’s of a scientist, as if you are looking at what is under your nose for the very first time.

I’ve got a busy sched today, but I’ll try to get the first one up as soon as I am able.


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