Deets on the Friday’s Cross-Town Happy Hour

The first annual FortWorthology/WalkableDFW joint happy hour scheduled for this Friday in (hopefully) sunny downtown Fort Worth will take place at Houston Street Bar and Patio. Further information below and be sure to check both sites for the Free Beer Guess the Cities to be featured on each site on Friday.

Houston St. Bar and Patio

Departure times from Union Station in Downtown Dallas (if you are catching it somewhere else, you are on your own…fortunately, I have the link):

Westbound from Union Station:
4:35 pm
4:55 pm
5:15 pm *
5:35 pm *
5:55 pm *
6:22 pm
6:57 pm

* recommended

Where we will get off at the second to last stop along the line. Here is a handy map for how we will get to Houston St. Bar and Patio from the Fort Worth Intermodal Station:

Departure times to get back to Dallas unless you drank too much to catch the train and decide to stay on the street in a downtown Fort Worth hotel (you know who you are). And if that is the case, then you are doin’ work and I salute you:

Eastbound from Fort Worth Intermodal:
7:46 pm
9:12 pm
10:38 pm

Fare information:
We will be traversing through 2-zones in the TRE lexicon which equates to a one-way fare of $3.75 or $7.50 for a day pass.


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