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Ameliorating Highways

Highway Guest Post Part II

By Patrick Kennedy |

So I screwed up in my graphical representation of Toby’s highway reroute plan. I should have showed all of the area around Reunion/Industrial as repositioned development opportunity zones. He has since admonished me and provided the section for the highway along the east/north?…uh, downtown side of the Trinity:

Click to embiggen:

He adds:

The +425′ elevation is the grade elevation of Union Station taken all the way past Reunion to the new Highways. As discussed, the lanes on either the North or South Travel lanes that are to the right of the support columns could be “through” lanes that have a variable toll depending on traffic conditions. The other lanes have access to interchanges that get you to I-30 or I-35 as they branch off. The “feeder” road could be a repurposed Industrial Blvd that acts as a feeder to the new highway and gets you access into downtown.

I think at this point, we could also add a pedestrian crossing to the overlook to the Trinity. If we’re going to still have highways between downtown and the Trinity, this might be the only way to allow for a realistic connection.