Free Beer Friday Guess the City

I have a surprisingly extensive highway system, none of which actually effect the city center, which buffers it from the highway and industrial riverfront via a rigidly geometric ring road, which replaced city walls. Internal to the ring road is an equally rigid orthogonal grid pattern and extremely pedestrian friendly with numerous carfree roads.

I may or may not have friends and relatives in a recent post. Who am I?

(ed. note: as always, first correct guess in the comments and find me at happy hour gets a free beer. Except for reigning champ Toby who apparently is accepting Carbon offsets instead of beer.)


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  • zurich, Germany

  • Vienna!

  • I mean… Zurich, Switzerland

  • i want to go to the erotic store

  • None of these are correct yet. except for Ryan. He would indeed like to go to the erotic store.

  • hamburg, Germany

  • Or Munich, Germany

  • freiburg, Germany

  • 3 strikes lindseys out

  • nuremburg, Germany?

  • Winterthur, Switzerland.

  • Three tries was not stated in the rules.

  • Malaga, Spain?

  • Barcelona

  • dusseldorf, germany

  • stuttgart, germany

  • Well…this does not look like Berlin to me…but I will do my due diligence with the city walls comment. Berlin, Germany

    P.S. You do not have to buy me a beer because I have overused my guesses…but I have got to keep myself occupied this afternoon.

  • Lancaster area PA dutch perhaps migrated from here???

  • i’d pay more attention to the day’s earlier post.

  • Darmstadt, Germany?

  • Amsterdam?

  • Copenhagen?

  • Darmstadt would be too easy.

  • Eberstadt, Arheilgen, or Wixhausen, Germany?

  • I’ve observed as long as I can stand…

    Mannheim, Germany

  • Toby always gets it…but at least he gave us a chance this time! Thanks Toby!

  • Confirmation of Toby’s mental guinness?