Here’s an Idea

As if internal combustion engines weren’t dirty enough…

Scientists discover cheap way to turn coal into gasoline. There is always one asshole at every party, I suppose:


The new process could cut the energy cost of producing the fuel by 20 percent just by rejiggering the intermediate chemical steps, said co-author Ben Glasser of the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.


But coal-derived fuel could produce as much as twice as much CO2 as traditional petroleum fuels and at best will emit at least as much of the greenhouse gas.

Ha! Yeah, like that is important…as if radical climate change even exists…NOW GIMME MY GAS and STFU!!!!

Actually, the scientist can defend himself:

“The long-term solution has to be solar, wind, renewable, but in the meantime I know as a chemical engineer that the easiest thing is to improve on what you’re already doing,” Glasser said. “The hope is that what we learn with coal-to-liquids, we can take one step further and start using municipal waste or cooking oil, for example, as the carbon source.”

Not to mention the problems with extraction of coal. This is America. This is America on Gas Crack:

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