Friday Happy Hour: Free Beer Guess the City

…is BACK!!!!

Today, one beer for the City this development is in, and a seperate beer to a different NON-RELATED entrant for the name of this new project:

*note: this is not an actual ghost town despite photographic appearance.

**note 2: winning entrants will be judged by order in which responses are received in the comments section. must be present to claim your prize.


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  • Stockholm, Sweden

  • Seriously, I had that, and someone came to talk to me before I answered. Oh well! You left sickla udde on the train station.

  • even with my blunder, nobody has gotten the actual project name…besides Adam who emailed it to me, as to not ruin the suspense.

  • Swedish suburb, known as Hammarby Sjöstad

  • what?

  • douche påse

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  • ryan knows how to use babelfish translator. oh so clever for a five-year old.

  • Sickla Udde.

    I believe my beautiful wife said it in her post.