While Walking the Dog

And wondering why the fonts are different in the title and the text in this prompt…

I noticed three things out and about downtown first, that somebody attempted to spell their name while urinating (only witnessed the john hancock, err poor choice of words); each restaurant was fairly crowded (while several more are under construction); and lastly, that apparently it has become a new trend to find utility in the wandering homeless.

Yes, it seems as though some striking union has employed (for fee (in lieu of payment?) unknown) several to picket every day, but that hasn’t quite perplexed me as much as the recent revelation. Using homeless as advertisement by passing out shirts with business, motto, or appeling for support to some referendum. The cynic in me thought it was quite detestable but I couldn’t help be moved by the genius in it.

Whilst critiquing my judgment, is it the actual realization of Kant’s Sublime and the Beautiful or am I just indecisive?


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