When You Nail It.

You nail it. John Massengale’s post on his blog Architect 2.0 on Tulane Arch School/NOLA and the meta-issue of the fundamental failings of Architecture school beneath the whole charade:

The professor running the Tulane program says, “I want innovation, I want affordability, and I want a really bold gesture” — and during the series we see that affordability goes out the window because of innovation and bold gestures…

Not surprisingly, the students respond with ideas that mean nothing to the people who live in the house, like “a folding plane,” or say “My concept is shifting volumes both vertically and horizontally.”

I guess to distill it down to a soundbite, architecture school focuses SOLELY on style. But, ultimately, style is ephemoral, and in turn, irrelevant if that is its only leg on which to stand.


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