When DART Attacks…

DART Rail, car collide injuring three.

Swear to god. I was waiting for the DART one stop (and about three blocks away) when this happened. Next thing we (at the station) knew, there hadn’t been a scheduled stop in half an hour. Then chatter began on cell phones.

So I still have my DART ticket in my wallet and am fully prepared to use it this afternoon.

Daddy needs some new shoes. And a belt.

In seriousness though, I thought this quote was important to reiterate:

“We want to make sure that anytime you see those train tracks, you think of the possibility that a train could be coming,” Mr. Lyons said. “They can’t get out of the way; they can’t stop on a dime, so you just have to be really careful around them.”

Car drivers are going to need to come to grips with sharing the road. They do not own it. It is a privilege, not a right. They are transporting just themselves and need be wary of all of their surroundings, including those that can hurt them (DART Trains) and those that they can hurt or kill: pedestrians, bicyclists, other vehicles.

In Rome, I could wander aimlessly down the middle of Via Veneto during the busiest of moments and every car would screach to a halt; a place where people have adapted to the presence of others (god forbid) for thousands of years.

Imagine if I tried that on Pearl or Abrams or Loop 12. I’d be an annoying speck on the windshield of your Suburban and you’d be pissed that you had to use the wipers and later take your tank to the auto-wash.


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