Towards a More Humane Architecture…or Not???

For the life of me I can’t figure out if this is for realz or done ironically, in which case its brilliant. The former just somewhere between ridiculous and scary:

Man Town Human Manifesto

For: An architecture that imposes its will on the planet

Against: Architecture that ‘treads lightly on the earth’

For: Creative tension: robust assertive architecture

Against: Ideology-lite architecture where social policy initiatives, participation, consultation and engagement are lauded for the sake of the process

For: Extending the frontiers of architecture: Dare to know…Dare to act…Dare to fail

Against: The precautionary principle in architecture – the imposed and self-imposed limits to design

For: A new internationalism – dynamic architecture for an integrated planet: an end to all restrictions on the global flow of people, goods and ideas

Against: The new parochialism – passive architecture, self-sufficient villages, slow

For: Architecture as discipline – for the autonomous exercise of professional judgement and the defence of integrity

Against: Architecture as discipline – the instrumentalisation of design for therapeutic or interventionist objectives

For: Building more – in the knowledge that we can, and should, always rebuild later

Against: A culture in decline that questions whether we should be building at all

For now, I’ll just let each of these speak for themselves. But, it sounds like something I might have written in 3rd year design school then I realized the world is far more complex than a hunk of play-do. To me this is emblematic of the end-game that architecture as a cult backed itself into.

Manifestos in general just scare the bejeebus outta me. Who writes a manifesto other than the self-important indoctrinaries?


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