I Had to Absolutely Post This

But, I will not link to it, because it is from an extreme right wing website (ya know, one of those hate filled ones so larded up with garish advertisements that it looks incredibly cheaply done), the words of a former congressman suggesting “why the automobile is the ultimate manifestation of freedom, mobility, and personal choice, and argues for a re-allocation of public spending away from mass transit and other alternatives.”

Alternatives? You mean like choices? Yes, no other choices. So you can have the freedom to drive, and only drive “On the Great American Freedom Machine” (I kid you not):

It’s time for drivers to stand up against efforts to demonize the automobile. Forcing people to use a particular mode of travel is not the American way. Life is better when you have the freedom to drive, not just find a ride or wait at bus stops.

Hell Yes! And you MUST live the way I say you must live. And, that includes spending all of your pay check to my good friends at Exxon Mobil. Damn Plebeians.
Freedom, the American way. My way AND the Highway.

Because, why spend tax dollars on mass transit? We don’t spend tax dollars on Automobile infrastructure, ohhhhhhh wait…..

Let’s compare shall we:

Cars first:

People first:

How do these A-holes always make themselves out to be the victim?!?! When in actuality ALL Americans are:

[Paraphrasing JH Kunstler] How is it that we leveled Berlin and Dresden, yet it looks like WWII was fought in Cleveland and Detroit?

No worries. The one thing in this world that is eternal is an idea. This old man will leave nothing behind.


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