Top 40 Most Walkable Cities by

LA ahead of Portland huh??

This only examines the 40 largest cities and the walkable neighborhoods within them, averaging them all out into a lump sum. Dallas’ score is hurt by this. while having numerous walkable clusters throughout the metroplex, they sit isolated in a sea of sprawl, largely disconnected from one another and evolving in isolation like Darwin’s finches on the Galapagos.

1. San Francisco, CA
2. New York, NY
3. Boston, MA
4. Chicago, IL
5. Philadelphia, PA
6. Seattle, WA
7. Washington D.C.
8. Long Beach, CA
9. Los Angeles, CA
10. Portland, OR

24. Dallas (Score 51) Government District, Main Street District, West End Historic District

Government District? Que? West End, I guess is walkable, if you’re a tourist. It’s some office space, a TGIFridays and a Hooters. Clearly, the most walkable in Dallas are, in order by my estimation:

1. Cityplace/West Village Area
2. State Thomas
3. Downtown/Main Street
4. Lower Greenville up to the M Streets
5. Lakewood

Quotable from the article:

We’re not talking about everybody moving downtown,” Goldberg said, adding that even in cities that aren’t very walkable there are neighborhoods that are friendlier to pedestrians.
Atlanta, for instance, has a reputation for being “the poster child of sprawl,” he said. However, there are places nearby, like Decatur, Ga., that offer amenities and transit options without being a high-density neighborhood, he said.

Well, if we’re dealing with outside the city limits, then we can include

Addison Circle

Legacy Town Center

Southlake Town Square


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