Thinking Like These People: Two Excellent Posts

This guy overlays JH Crawford’s CarFree Cities onto Athens, GA.

I liked this idea:

Planning: It might be a useful planning tool to have a heat-map of the age of all buildings/locations in the existing city. Both for historical preservation and for individual sentimental value, it may be hard to persuade citizens to raze older structures as part of the reorganization of the city. It could bias districts to include these areas rather than leaving them in the designated green areas for reclamation.

…considering much of what has been built in the last fifty years, and increasingly so the more recent you go, has been throw away architecture: Mickey D’s, Garden Apartments, Tract Housing…

And this guy thinks that the median housing price will drop from 215K to 70K.

One thing to keep in mind, housing prices in Amsterdam over a 400 year span and accounting for inflation keep coming back to the same baseline. We created a mega-bubble, either intentionally and rapaciously or through ignorant zealotry, many many people were basically looted.


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