Links of the Day

Turkey and Romania up in here. 35/50. Well ahead of 50 countries by the end of the year pace. Here is hoping for Leichtenstein next.

Cities Scramble to Meet Mass Transit Demands – Cnn. I have found myself riding the trolley more than DART seeing as I can meet most of my needs/wants in DTD and Uptown, but I’ve heard they started cracking down on riders without passes. Might as well fill the coffers while the ridership is up, especially with the overbudget Green Line.

The Changing Demographics of Inner-City Atlanta – I just checked out Atlanta on Google Earth. A lot has happened since I moved out. Atlantic Station still sucks though.

Befitting of a Banksy.

School District Eyes 4-day Week. Or how about schools designed and built as focal point of walkable communities… oh nevermind, we once built that way.


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