I Hate Columbus, Ohio

Nothing personal, you just have a dirty football program (and dirty fans) that puts shame on intercollegiate athletics and the term student athlete, and the closest I’ve ever been was driving on the freeway through it to get back to PA, so maybe I should root against the potential ballot measure for a streetcar in downtown Columbus.

So I won’t extoll the virtues of mass transit or its abilities to leverage private investment, its eventual fiduciary self-sufficiency due to it’s nature of incenting urban density and, in turn, ridership, or the reduced per capita VMT’s, or reduced energy consumption, or that individual street cars can last decades if not centuries in use (while the average bus life span is merely approximately five years).

Columbus planners want a streetcar.

Developer Robert Weiler, a COTA board member who said he was speaking on his own behalf, not on behalf of COTA, led the debate against a streetcar, saying Columbus already has a fabulous rapid-transit system.

(To which, afterwards he said was full of “scary people,” thus bolstering his argument stupendously)

“It’s called the freeway,” Weiler said.

Preach it, redneck, inbred Ohioan. For this day, I’m with you as one, 100% and won’t wish your state to vanish in one giant sink hole.


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