Google Adds Walking/Transit Directions to its maps.

One might say, “Patrick, you’ve gone mental! How can you live without a car in one of the most automobile oriented cities in the country?! Where do you shop?”

Truthfully, I’ve done a lot of my recent shopping since my downtown move three months ago online and haven’t been to NorthPark mall since. But I need a new belt dammit, my favorite reversible Kenneth Cole belt buckle recently broke. So using Google Maps new directional feature utilizing walking and transit directions, I’m going to try to venture to NorthPark Mall this weekend based on the directions it spits out to me:

Walk to Akard Station
About 6 mins
Beta: Use caution when walking in unfamiliar areas.
Duly Noted.

Train – RED – DART Rail Red Line – Direction: N – Red Line – Parker Road Service run by Dallas Area Rapid Transit
Depart Akard Station
17 mins
Arrive Park Lane Station

Walk to N Central Expy
About 4 mins
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Travel time: about 33 minutes


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