Kerala, India

When I went: May 25, 2014-July 2, 2014

Was That the Best Time of Year to Go? Yes and no; Yes, because it was the perfect time to go boating and fishing, but no because it was so humid. I was literally taking a bath in my sweat everyday!

Why I Went There: It was quite frankly the most spontaneous thing I have ever done! My dad joked about sending me to India by myself to learn how to cook and find a boyfriend, and three days later I’m at DFW Airport boarding my flight to Kochi, India. I realized that I wanted to be more familiarized with my culture and truly understand the lifestyle people in India live.

Who Went With Me? I traveled by myself!

We Stayed Here: With family members; My father’s siblings as well as my mother’s siblings

You Won’t Want to Miss: Go to Kumuly, Kerala! Beautiful views, waterfalls, hot springs, animal sanctuaries, cheap tribal pants, elephant rides–basically the ideal India experience.

Eat Here: Indian Coffee House, Hotel Anand. Become friends with a native and your stomach will not be disappointed, I promise you!

Play Here: Kochi City Park

If I Went Again: It was perfect!

How Did You Get There From Dallas? Ideally most people would prefer to fly, but I’m sure someone has driven/taken a submarine/sailed to India.

Other Tips For Fellow Travelers: Try not to go during the monsoon months–July-August ; Most of Kerala is covered with floods and it’s very hard to get transportation.


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