London, Paris, Kuurne

When I Went: June

Was That the Best Time of Year to Go? Yes, I believe it was. The weather was perfect–in the mid 70s to low 80s the entire time. Only got rain once while over there. Simply beautiful!

Why I Went There: Kuurne was for work; the others were to experience other cultures and places that some people only ever hear about or see in movies.

Who Went With Me? With folks from work and solo

We Stayed Here: A little B&B in Kuurne, a small little joint in Paris, and a Hilton in Kensington

You Won’t Want to Miss: In Paris, hit all the basics, Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and Versailles. And be sure to eat at all the cafes you can handle. Remember, slow down while you’re there. Sit and enjoy the sounds of the city, the people, and the food. Grab a bottle of wine and head to the river and sit and relax–it’s amazing. In London, do the same. See the changing of the guard and walk around the tower of London. And be sure to hit Westminster Abbey; extremely impressive. For any museums, spring for the guided tour or the audio devices. It’s the only way to do it. You’ll learn 10 times as much and enjoy it that much more.

Eat Here: When traveling, do yourself a favor and eat as the locals eat. Ask them where the gems are and you’ll never be disappointed. How else could you have ever known about those places?

Play Here: See above.

If I Went Again: I would have taken more time off or brought more money. Or perhaps I just tear my return ticket in two!  😉

How Did You Get There From Dallas? Direct flight to Charles Charles De Gaulle, the euro rail for all the other stops.

Other Tips For Fellow Travelers: Paris is the most amazing place I have ever been, and I can’t wait to go back!


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