Mykonos, Greece

When I Went: Aug. 16-25, 2012

Was That the Best Time of Year to Go? I would say mid-to-late August if you are looking for the full effect. Most people from Greece vacation on the islands during this time of year. Most of the people that we encountered were locals who escaped to the islands for a few weeks for holiday. It’s warm during this time of year, but you get a wonderful sea breeze to cool things off.

Why I Went There: I’ve never been to Greece and my best friend is living and working in Saudi Arabia. We decided that four of us would connect in Europe. Greece has always been appealing to me.

Who Went With Me? One guy and two girls, all friends.

We Stayed Here: We stayed a the Grand Beach Hotel in Mykonos.

You Won’t Want to Miss: I feel like booking most of my travel through an agency made things much easier on us. The agent gave lots of advice and recommendations. One of my favorite parts about Mykonos is when we rented ATVs, scooters, and mopeds while we were there. We were able to see more of the island this way, and on our own time. Mykonos can be a party location, but it can also be a great place to relax. The locals were all really nice. We enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the markets during the day, and the fine dining and sunsets in the evening. It was truly gorgeous.

Eat Here: Joanna’s Nikos Place was right on the water and reasonably priced. We walked here from our hotel. The food was great. Try the traditional dishes and the house wine. There are also several places in town that have lamb and chicken gyros. They are cheap and definitely hit the spot. The pita bread is so good! Casa di Giorgio is really good as well. They serve Italian food. They have several seafood Italian dishes that were amazing. Please take your time here. They are very busy and stay open very late. We were there for a while, so I wouldn’t get in any kind of hurry here.

Play Here: Cavo Paradiso is supposed to be one of the hottest night clubs in town. If you are with a group and want to do bottle service, they will likely waive your cover at the door. We had a lot of fun here, but most of the time we just relaxed on the different beaches and watched the world go by.

If I Went Again: I would have spent more time in Mykonos! I feel like the trip flew by. I would definitely recommend this as a travel destination.

How Did You Get There From Dallas? We flew from DFW to Madrid direct and then took another flight to Athens. We stayed in Athens for a couple of days and did some sight seeing. The following day we took a ferry to Mykonos Island, and eventually to a couple other places.

Other Tips For Fellow Travelers: We put money onto a chip card, instead of drawing money out of the ATMs or carrying a lot of cash. I felt like that was the safest. You can visit the exchange places in the airport and they will explain more.


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