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Nevis, West Indies

The island has much to offer, such as breathtaking views while playing a round of golf, or relaxing by the pool that overlooks the serene, turquoise ocean.
By Amie Bullock |
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Nevis, West Indies

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When I Went: Feb. 21-26, 2013

Was That the Best Time of Year to Go? Nevis is a tranquil, yet striking island anytime of the year. However, avoiding peak season is best, which is December through April. Also, July through November is hurricane season, so many of the hotels close during these periods. Ultimately, the best time to travel to Nevis is toward the end of April and all the way through June. Our trip was scheduled in February, but it was perfection all the way through.

Why I Went There: My boyfriend had the novel idea of traveling to an island off the beaten path. Persistently, my travel experiences have remained mind-numbing for many years. However, the opportunity arose to travel to an exciting new place and I seized it. The island of Nevis in the West Indies was his magnificent idea. At first, the idea to travel to such an isolated area in the Caribbean casted much doubt; yet, I was persuaded quite easily once I researched the island.

Who Went With Me? My boyfriend of seven years traveled with me, or should I say, we traveled together, as always.

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We Stayed Here: Four Seasons Resort Nevis

Eat Here: Nevis contains many different options for dining. For those who desire a laid back atmosphere with great music and engaging people watching, head to Sunshine’s Beach Bar, which is walking distance from the Four Seasons. Sunshine is always at the bar greeting his customers and playing to their every need. If romance is the idea, then head over to Montpelier Plantation Inn. This restaurant has everything; the unimaginable view, the mouth-watering cuisine, and top-notch service. Four Seasons has multiple choices as well, such as four restaurants with a different view, theme, atmosphere, and cuisine. It is a wonder why anyone would leave the resort. Mango restaurant overlooks the ocean (actually just feet away), Cabana restaurant is the daytime go to, while Neve is the utmost breakfast destination. However, for those who desire amazing seafood, delicate cuts of meat with a view that is unsurpassable, then Coral Grill is the restaurant for you.

Don’t Miss: The island has much to offer, such as breathtaking views while playing a round of golf, or relaxing by the pool that overlooks the serene, turquoise ocean. Different and unique hiking trails await the novice or the overzealous individual who consumed too many conch fritters at Sunshine’s Beach Bar the night before. Four Seasons has two amazing shops for those who forgot their suntan lotion or for the person who decides to extend their trip. (I hear this is a common occurrence.) Some individuals travel back to St. Kitts after dinner at one of the fabulous restaurants on the island to try their hand at gambling. Four Seasons in Nevis is possibly the finest spa in the world. With services that rival many five-star hotels, an individual can spend an entire day relaxing. The possibilities are endless.

Play Here: Don’t miss the views, the hiking, the amazing restaurants, and especially the culture. Although many of the citizens are devoutly religious, they still enjoy a good time. Diving is a must or snorkeling. Either way, numerous forms of marine life are observed. Play with the life you left behind in Dallas or wherever you came from. Immerse yourself in the relaxed atmosphere. Nevis seizes the mind and body with its many splendors. Don’t waste the experience on the monotony of the real world.

If I Went Again: If I traveled to Nevis again, the only thing I would change is letting go of my insatiable obsession: my iPhone. Leave it in your room, under the bed, or better yet, at the bottom of the pool. Nevis is small, but completely inundated with life. Don’t miss out on your life by reading emails or listening to voicemails.

How Did You Get There From Dallas? Arriving to Nevis from Dallas is a bit of a trip. But, with so many options, an individual or group can surely unearth a comfortable and affordable trip. We departed Dallas and arrived in Puerto Rico, which has a fun restaurant waiting  at the airport for those who have layovers. Then from Puerto Rico we flew to Nevis. Another option is flying from Dallas to Miami and then to St. Kitts. A short, but extremely fun boat ride from St. Kitts to Nevis completes the travel experience, yet the journey has just begun.

Other Tips For Fellow Travelers: Many individuals cringe at the thought of so many flights and layovers; but sincerely, it is not as bad as it seems. Get on the plane. Order a cocktail. Partake in the breathtaking view of flying over the Caribbean. Sleep. Then arrive in Nevis, a completely incredible and humbling experience every person needs to partake in at least once in their lifetime. I know my first time was not my last.