When I Went: August16-26, 2011

Was That the Best Time of Year to Go? The weather was wonderful, with light rain showers after dark. According to most people, the best time to travel to the Caribbean is in the winter. For us, we thought August was perfect. There were very few tourists, cheaper prices on boat tours and food, and most of the beaches were empty. Often times, we had the water to ourselves.

Why I Went There: For a dream-come-true honeymoon.

Who Went With Me? My sweet husband.

We Stayed Here: Dutchman’s Bay Cottages. The place consists of seven separate properties on a private beach. Each little house has a full kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, covered porch, hammock, and maid service. They are off the beaten path and just $125 per night. Clearly we stumbled upon a best kept secret.

You Won’t Want to Miss: Most people that travel to Antigua stay in fancy, all-inclusive resorts and never venture out. Don’t do it. Do yourself a favor and explore a different beach every day. There are 365 to choose from. Also make sure to pack a snorkeling kit. We found shells the size of our heads just yards from the shore.

Eat Here: The food on Antigua is similar to the food in the States. Visit a local grocery store and grab stuff for picnics on the beach, or try a fish-and-chips stand on the ocean.

Play Here: Water sports, water sports, water sports.

If I Went Again: We went right after getting married, so our budget was tight. If we went again, we would like to splurge a little more. but it is totally possible to make it 10 days in a tropical paradise with a $1,500 budget. That includes accommodations, a rental car, gas, food, and entertainment.

How Did You Get There From Dallas? American Airlines from DFW Airport to Miami, and from there to Antigua. Took a rental car to Dutchman’s Bay Cottages.

Other Tips For Fellow Travelers: Watch out for potholes. Learn to drive on the opposite side of the road. The American dollar is accepted everywhere, and enjoy yourself.


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