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Tod Robberson



Keven Ann Willey to Retire From Dallas Morning News

After 15 years, the vice president and editorial page editor is leaving to travel America.

An Object Lesson on Jumping to Conclusions During a Breaking News Story

Here is a hypothetical: a man shoots and kills a reporter and a cameraman on live morning television. You are an editorial writer for a major metropolitan daily newspaper. You wonder if Donald Trump's antipathy toward the press led to the shooting. Should you A) go get a cup of coffee and wait a bit to see what develops, or B) put up a blog post wondering if Donald Trump is partly to blame for the two deaths? Tod Robberson at the DMN went with option B. Let's see how that turned out.

Another Week, Another DISD Story That Is Just Silly

What Tod Robberson gets wrong about Mike Miles
By Eric Celeste

DMN Sets Twitter Goal for Its Reporters

Some of these people could use a little love.