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Leading Off (1/31/20)

| 1 year ago

More Officers Reprimanded in Separate Probe. Earlier in the week, Chief U. Reneé Hall punished 22 former vice cops for … we’re not quite sure what. The chief hasn’t really talked about it. Yesterday, the department announced reprimands for another 13 officers related to racist and sexist and otherwise inappropriate social media posts uncovered by the Plain View Project, which we’ve written about. The most severe punishment is suspension without pay. Others are going to counseling.

Warm Weekend for the Super Bowl. It’s been a little chilly and overcast this week, so a little sunshine will be welcome this weekend. A cold front moves in on Tuesday.

Another Dallas-Area Priest Charged With Sexual Assault. 78-year-old Richard Thomas Brown was arrested in Missouri for crimes dating back to 1990. He admitted in the early 90s that he had abused children; he worked for the Dallas Catholic Diocese from 1980 to 1994. According to The Dallas Morning News, the diocese had determined through a psychiatric evaluation that he had “a long history of pedophilic behavior.”

Luka’s Ankle Sprain Means He’s Questionable for the Next Few Games. He twisted it in practice and underwent an MRI. I can’t find the results of that test quite yet, but he’s apparently going to be miss the next few games and is now questionable to participate in All Star weekend. 

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Learning Curve Moving to FrontBurner, Sort Of

| 6 years ago

The digital wizards at D Magazine tell me that I get many more people reading posts on FrontBurner than when I put the same posts here. That's partly because, they say, a part-time blog like this does better when surrounded with constantly updated info, which FrontBurner has. Also, because FB has been building its audience for more than a decade. So we're going to try to create a Learning Curve category for FrontBurner and see how that goes. Once I get the particulars down, I'll post the URL that will filter all LC posts into one stream. In the meantime, this morning I'm writing more about pre-K. Go have a read.

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