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Javier Burkle's Dining Room
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At Home with Interior Designer Javier Burkle

Our homes say so much about us—whether we’re serious or playful, over-the-top or minimalistic—and their contents speak to our interests and idiosyncrasies. The same is true for those whose livelihoods are made making homes for others. We visited the eclectic and cozy Highland Park bungalow of one of our 2022 Best Designers and found it equally inspiring and revealing.
Josh Pickering's Living Room
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The 2022 Best Designers in Dallas

Here's the 139 top interior designers in town.
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Missy Rogers Peck and Ellett J. Miciotto
Interior Designers

Just a Few of Ellett J. Miciotto’s Favorite Things

We chatted with the EJM Interior Design founder about how he honors the past.
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Emily Summers Will Open Shop in Highland Park Village

Pencil this in: October 17th is a day for shopping.
By Margaux Anbouba