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New Podcast: The Allure of the Western Snap Shirt

A new Dallas company called Snaps is making shirts for the "modern man."
Zac Crain grew up wearing snap shirts, but this is not Zac Crain.

A new Dallas company called Snaps Clothing is making Western shirts. They offered to send us two shirts. So Zac and I put on those shirts and talked about them in this episode of EarBurner. Does this mean we’ve become influencers? Yes, it does!

We also talked about why Zac’s parents made fun of him when he wore snap shirts as a kid, the 1978 movie that supposedly popularized snap shirts, and the intriguing magazine Zac recently encountered called Huntin’ Fool. By the way, that’s not a Snaps shirt pictured at the top of this post. That’s just a really hot stock image I found when I searched for “cowboy.” You’re welcome. Listen after the jump.


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