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5 Healthy Choices Training Mate’s Luke Milton Makes in a Day

The Australian fitness trainer on Dallas studio, his professional rugby days, and how he’s shaking up the local fitness scene.
Training Mate founder Luke Milton. Courtesy of Luke Milton

Celebrity trainer Luke Milton has an intimidating fitness resume: The Australian spent the better part of a decade playing pro-rugby for the Sydney Roosters and New South Wales Waratahs Rugby teams. He moved to Los Angeles, and later appeared on Khloe Kardashian’s fitness reality T.V. show, Revenge Body, as a personal trainer. 

In 2013, he launched his HIIT fitness concept, Training Mate. The intensive workout, which quickly gained notoriety in Los Angeles, breaks down exercises into 45-second intervals and claims to “burn up to 1,000 calories per class.” The concept also puts an Aussie twist on the workouts, offering classes like “Bondi Burn,” “Thunder Down Under,” and “Sydney Circuit.” There’s also an emphasis on support and comradery amongst the staff and their clientele.

Milton’s come one, come all attitude with his fitness concept stems from his passion for being part of a team and having that built-in support system. After retiring from the professional sports arena at 26, he realized that the aspect he missed most about rugby was his mates

“I love the comradery of the team, having a ready-made support system built into the team environment,” Milton says. “I became obsessed with healthy lifestyles, and what that meant to me and came up with the philosophy of physical health, social health, and mental health.”

Last summer, he brought Training Mate to Dallas, opening a location in Turtle Creek Village at 3858 Oak Lawn Ave., ste. 430.

We caught up with Milton—in between classes, of course—to find out what ignites his unending enthusiasm and passion for fitness.

For those who don’t know, what approach do you take at Training Mate?

We believe that everyone deserves a healthy lifestyle, a mate to cheer you on and encourage you, a team that supports you and provides an experience, and a stunning facility to feel comfortable and inspired. After class, we hope someone feels a sense of accomplishment. The sessions are challenging but achievable. And, our trainers and front-of-house legends are amazing at getting people through the sessions and achieving things they thought were tougher to achieve. Anyone that comes to Training Mate will leave feeling as though they are a part of a community and definitely that they now have a mate. They may even have an Australian accent.

What does “healthy” mean to you?

Healthy to me is three-part. Physical health: Exercising, moving the body regularly, increasing range of motion across your joints. Nutrition, eating a balanced “if it’s had a life, it’s good for you” [diet] and [keeping] it as close to its natural state as possible. Social Health: Having mates, people that are there for you through the good times, bad times, and just everyday regular times. Mental health: I truly believe that if you exercise regularly and have mates, it goes a long way to achieving mental health.

How do you start your day on a healthy note, and how do you end it?

As soon as I get up, I say to myself, “today is going to be a great day.” I know it sounds corny, but it really sets the energy for the day. As soon as I get out of bed, I drink water and start my hydration. Throughout the day, I will get a Training Mate workout in and eat as balanced a diet as I can achieve.

Nights are always a challenge for me, I know what I “should” be doing, but it’s not always what I actually do. I always like to have dinner with the family, catch up with my daughter about her day, and get some quality time in. On a good night, I’m in bed by 10 p.m. and all electronics are off.  I have a good book and get 6.5-to-seven-hours sleep.

How did your athletic background impact your life and your overall view of health and wellness? Did it influence your career? 

Absolutely, I believe playing rugby professionally has shaped my life in the biggest way possible. Team sports taught me the importance of teamwork, leadership, and hard work. Working together as a team to achieve a certain goal is one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced. Team sports teach people to “trust the process.” I also learned one of the most important lessons that I still follow today: “whether you feel like it or not, do your job.” When part of a team, it doesn’t matter if I feel tired or a little under the weather, I don’t want to let my teammates down.

Any wellness goals you would like to share with D Magazine readers?

Continued movement. My goal in January [was] to move 30 days. Obviously, Training Mate sessions [was] be in there but also cold plunging, Pilates to challenge myself, and cycling. I’m really diving into recovery, cold plunge and cryo, breath work, and range of movement exercises. 


Kimber Westphall

Kimber Westphall

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