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John Reed Is Taking Over the Old Gold’s Gym in Preston Center

The international fitness club, known for its high energy and night club atmosphere, will open the 30,000-square-foot-facility in late January.
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John Reed Fitness in Los Angeles
Courtesy of JOHN REED Fitness Club - Downtown Los Angeles

The DJs run the show here and the lights follow, flashing to the beat of the music like a BTS concert. You let the unce, unce, unce carry you away. Around you, everyone is vibing and sweating, just like you. It’s a party.

Except, there’s no booze in sight. And everyone’s in athletic gear. And an instructor at the front is yelling at you to squat. Because this is a John Reed workout class.

When John Reed Fitness launched its first gym in Germany back in 2016, it was quickly lauded for its high energy, unique design, and club-like atmosphere. Since then, the fitness club has opened gyms all over the world, including Paris, Prague, and Istanbul. It launched its first U.S. location in Los Angeles earlier this year and its second U.S. gym, and 41st location overall, will open late January 2022 in Dallas.

The 30,000-square-foot facility in Preston Center—in the old Gold’s Gym—will offer a range of workout options from cycling and free weights to machines and strength training, as well as a variety of boutique fitness classes, like Pilates, yoga, and HIIT.

“Fitness definitely has a huge presence here, but there’s a high demand for more than just a place to lift weights and run,” says Alex Knies, club manager at the new Dallas location. “Dallas wants those fitness classes. They want energy. And most of all, in my opinion, they don’t want to be bored.”

And Dallasites are not likely to get bored during John Reed’s rhythm-based classes—basically “DJ-driven workouts,” says Knies—like its signature Boost Club.

During Boost Club, a personal trainer leads you through what is essentially a HIIT class while a live DJ blasts music at the front. You work on strength, agility, endurance, and core training, “but they arrange it to a rhythm and the beat of the music to move and motivate,” Knies says. Lights are flashing, too, giving the whole class more of a dance club energy.

“It changes the whole environment,” Knies says.

DJs will also be onsite outside of class times, too, to help motivate folks exercising in the open gym throughout the week. Knies says they’ll be there during prime workout times, like 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the evenings or earlier in the mornings before work. Closer to the Dallas gym’s launch next month, John Reed will release a music schedule with local DJ performances.

Even when the DJs aren’t there, music is still a huge part of the John Reed experience. According to Knies, gym members don’t need to bring their own music because John Reed is constantly soundtracked with its own playlists, which are curated by an in-house team.

“’Oh, my headphones stopped working!’ Well, it doesn’t matter,” he says.

Besides the open gym and classes, John Reed will host different member events, like meetups, special classes, and partnerships with local brands. It will also offer opportunities to work individually with personal trainers.

Plus, every John Reed gym is known for its eclectic design and vibe. While Knies is still tight-lipped on the Dallas gym’s look, 10 local artists are working on a mural in the space and there will be a luxe lounge area “where you can get your protein drink and hang out and be comfortable.”

However, everything at John Reed, including open gym access, the classes, and the lounge area, is restricted to gym members. Presale memberships are $80 a month and will get you early access to the gym. After John Reed officially opens, memberships bump up to $100 a month, on a month-to-month basis, which includes all workout classes and access to the L.A. gym, should you find yourself out west.

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