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ClassPass Data Trends Point to a Resurgence of In-Person Fitness Classes

After a year of livestream workouts, Dallas ClassPass users are eager to return to their favorite studios. Of the 15 most-booked experiences in our region, none are virtual.
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Fitness and wellness platform ClassPass regularly releases data-driven summaries of their users’ activities, and we’re always interested to see what classes come out on top. The 2020 report released in December was just what we expected: due to the pandemic, users showed a strong preference for online options. However, ClassPass just shared takeaways from the first half of 2021, and in just six months, users have nearly made a full return to in-person fitness and wellness experiences.

Today, nine out of 10 of the most-booked classes and services across the country are in person. (The only virtual experience to make the cut is yoga, which continues to grow in popularity on ClassPass since the first shelter-in-place orders.) Though a significant portion of the United States is vaccinated—and 93 percent of surveyed ClassPass users reported that they are fully or partially vaccinated—visiting a fitness studio still poses a risk. So what’s driving fitness fans towards in-person classes? For one, four out of five ClassPass users say that they work out harder in a group setting than at home. Two-thirds of users cite access to equipment as their main reason for heading into studios. And 60 percent find that their mental health benefits from in-person classes and activities.

ClassPass is seeing a huge resurgence of in-person bookings in Dallas specifically–compared to June 2020, reservations are up 222 percent. Additionally, while January is typically the platform’s busiest month, Dallas bookings have risen 55 percent since the beginning of this year.

ClassPass also shared a few insights into what types of classes are most popular in North Texas right now. To start, Dallas has a passion for Pilates. This fitness class category is the fourth most-booked for ClassPass members across the country, but in Dallas, Pilates is the second most-booked, only trumped by strength training classes.

Last year, the most popular class time across the country was 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., and Dallas booked that lunchtime workout slot more frequently than any other city. Now, with many businesses transitioning back to an in-person work environment, later class times are making a comeback. 5:30 is now the most commonly booked slot nationwide.

North Texans are also prioritizing self-care. Nationwide, the top 10 most popular experiences only include one wellness-centered treatment: massage services. In Dallas, sauna visits made the top 10—massages, facials, and manicures weren’t far behind.

Most significantly, the data shows that Dallas users are fully embracing in-person classes and activities again. Of the 15 most booked experiences for Dallasites, none are virtual. That said, if you’re still not comfortable visiting a gym or studio, ClassPass continues to offer an extensive library of online options here.

Check out the entire report for the first half of 2021 on

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