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The Co-Founders of Formula Wellness Share the 5 Healthy Choices They Make Each Day

Chrissy and Dr. Brian Rudman share their go-to workouts, their favorite healthy snacks, and how they hold each other accountable to meet shared fitness goals.
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Wellness is a major buzzword these days, but it can mean a little something different to everyone. Does it stand for self-care and restoration, or is it more about strength and endurance? We created a series breaking down the healthy habits of local influencers and entrepreneurs, allowing them to define what wellness means on a personal level.

Dr. Brian Rudman and Chrissy Rudman are the co-founders of Formula Wellness, which now has six locations across Dallas-Fort Worth. Each wellness clinic offers an extensive treatment menu: weight loss support, nutrition planning, aesthetic treatments, hormone therapy, and more. The couple is passionate about balancing western medicine and holistic, prevention-focused practices.

When the Rudmans aren’t working with patients at their clinics, they’re focusing on their own personal wellness journeys. We asked them to share their morning rituals, secrets for squeezing workouts into a busy schedule, and favorite ways to unwind when they take time off.

How do you start your day on a healthy note?

Dr. Rudman: With meditation. I used to try and do it later in the day, or before bed, but would often miss it. The first thing you commit to in a day always gets done. 

Chrissy: I am a very routine-oriented person and always start my mornings by working out prior to coming into the office. It’s always nice to get it done before my day has started. I don’t have to worry about something coming up that may derail my plans to get it in later in the day. Plus, it just sets me up to make better decisions overall.

Favorite healthy snack and favorite workout?

Dr. Rudman: Marcona almonds with olive oil. It’s a source of good healthy fats and fiber with the perfect crunch. And for a workout, resistance training. You can objectively measure growth and see progress, whether it’s more weight, more reps, or muscle pounds on the scale. 

Chrissy: My favorite snacks are Health Bomz or plain plant-based yogurts like Culina or Coconut Cult topped with hemp seeds, cacao nibs, and blackberries. And for a workout, I like to have a slightly more muscular physique. My hands-down favorite workout is powerlifting.

Photo by Frank Del Corral

How do you keep each other healthy as a couple?

Dr. Rudman: Chrissy has fabulous nutritional and exercise discipline, so she keeps me on point with great choices for dinner. Plus, her constant work effort in the gym drives me to keep up and at least be as strong as her in every activity.

Chrissy: Like any strong partnership, Brian and I are good at balancing one another out. When I start to overwork, he will force me to relax. When he doesn’t want to go to the gym, I brag about my deadlifts that week and he’s right back in there. All jokes aside, we really do work at strengthening one another’s weaknesses. Neither of us is lazy, so that helps keep us active, whether it’s on vacation or a random day off. We are almost always moving.

Any wellness goals you’ve set together?

Dr. Rudman: We don’t do lay-around vacations. We hike, ski and swim. Before we go on any vacation, we tailor our training to maximize our fitness on whatever activity we choose.

Chrissy: Like most of the world, we got into the habit of drinking wine nightly during the pandemic. In January, we set a goal of only drinking when we are out, or no more than three nights per week. We also keep our diets pretty clean and cook at home as much as we can.  Brian does slightly more of the cooking because I’m not as good of a cook. If I’m cooking, it’s something that takes 15 minutes or less. We also typically stick to only one flex meal (cheat meal) per week. We both avoid sugar, so this helps keep things in check while we still get to enjoy the fun stuff every now and then.

How do you end your day on a healthy note?

Chrissy: Since my mornings start very early, I try to be in bed by 8 p.m. every evening, so that I am able to get a full seven to eight hours of sleep each night. I don’t bring my phone to bed and try to avoid electronics as much as possible while getting ready for bed. It’s not always easy, because I’m going to sleep when most people are eating dinner.

Dr. Rudman: I read. Sometimes it’s five minutes, or sometimes an hour. We live in a progressively digital world and it’s too easy to just turn on a TV, listen to a podcast, or flip through Instagram. Nothing replaces the personal growth and brain stimulation that you get from reading.