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Step Aside, Drunk Gardening, Drunk Yoga Has Arrived

The New York class will make its Dallas debut at the new Virgin Hotel this weekend.
Drunk Yoga
courtesy of Drunk Yoga

We’ve mentioned the art of Drunk Gardening before. It’s a very fun BYOB workshop that Petal Pushers regularly puts on in their millennial pink Deep Ellum location. In practice, it’s probably more of a “buzzed gardening” situation. I imagine “tipsy gardening” is about as wild as it gets. (And as wild as it should get — you don’t want someone in a particular state brandishing a thorned rose.)

Drunk Yoga, on the other hand, has the potential to get reasonably messy. This weekend, the coastal class debuts in Dallas with four 90-minute classes, held at the rooftop Pool Club of the new Virgin Hotel, that seamlessly incorporate wine and vinyasa. Led by Drunk Yoga founder Eli Walker, the first 15 minutes of the session is dedicated to a happy hour wine mixer, followed by 45-minutes of beginner-friendly yoga, with movements that somehow manage to incorporate wine glasses. The class ends with a 30-minute “wine down,” naturally.

The weekend of wine-fueled wellness kicks off with a Friday night class at 6:30pm (tickets start at $45), with three more opportunities to drink wine in child’s pose through Sunday, January 5.