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Dallas, Your Holiday Horoscope is Here

A Dallas astrologer helps guide you through the restless, adventurous energy of Sagittarius season.


Sagittarius Season comes after a Scorpio period that may have felt a little gnarly for some. Mercury is finished with its retrograde, and the Sun has moved out of the Underworld.

Sagittarius relates to the time of year when the nights are long. This is the darkest time of the year. Consequently, since the beginning of human experience, this has been a season about firelight. We burn candles and gather round the hearth to call in warmth and tribal connection. We make meaning through story-telling, remembering, and song. We cook food and drink wine with gratitude in our hearts. These are all very Sagittarius things to do.

Sag is the sign of The Seeker. Its symbol is the upward-facing arrow. In the darkest time of the year, we look to the Winter Solstice with hope and optimism. You can ask yourself:

         What lifts my heart?

                        What do I want to call in, to hope for, to magnetize?

                        How would I like to re-aim my arrow, so to speak?

Now is the time to expand into possibilities. This New Moon invites us to contemplate just what we are seeking. This is Fire element, so what you seek has everything to do with your passions, your zest, your creativity, your radiance.

Here are three thematic categories for this lunar cycle to support you in making the most of the astrological energies:


Sagittarius is that part of you that stays open and curious about trying something new. Sagittarius laughs off the discomfort of not knowing exactly how things will go when you arrive to a new place, or taste that foreign spice, or cannonball into the pool of a waterfall. Sag says, “Why not?”

The Sag in you likes to always have that next adventure on the calendar to break up the year. Sag doesn’t like to feel shackled by too many plans in case the mountain suddenly gets powder for skiing, or the sun begs for a picnic, or the belly decides to set up an impromptu paella party.

Inherent in this attitude is the optimism of looking to Winter Solstice in the dark of late autumn. Sagittarius is a forward-looking, fire-seeking energy that says YES to life’s journeys.

Without ocean or mountain, we Dallasites need to make plans to experience our Sag spirit of adventure. The Simple Sol, a travel consulting firm created by Dallas native and world traveler Taylor Madison, has created a new paradigm for travel with their networking group Sol Society. A membership-based community, Sol Society aims to curate vacations with intention by matching members according to shared interest and personality. Creating shared stories, learning about new places, and saying yes with intention – this is Sagittarius!


As Sagittarius relates to endlessly expanding into possibilities, so we associate it in astrology with the teacher-student dynamic. Any time you enthusiastically set about deepening what you think you know about something, and whenever you share what you have learned with others, you are activating your inner Sag. This doesn’t have to be academic. You are tuning into your Sag whenever you’re just sitting with someone over coffee or wine to share life stories. It’s about the curiosity we bring to these conversations and the openness to hear something we don’t know yet.

Sagittarius evolves – like all signs – through its polarity with Gemini. Gemini teaches Sagittarius to always hold the attitude of a beginner’s mind, to leave space for as-yet-undeveloped knowledge and wisdom. Cultivating a beginner’s mind is part of how we stay young, flexible, and giddy for life. We can engage with a beginner’s mind at any age. The idea is that we stay willing to sit with the truth that we don’t know everything, and that it’s okay to be a beginner at anything because it means we’re expanding our world.

As we age and get past our formal schooling, we are at risk for shutting off the beginner’s mind. To stay nimble, to forever have a little puppy within, it is encouraged to avoid a calcification of our routine, and – most of all – to keep learning. Dallas is full of opportunities for continuing education in everything from wreath-making to formal classes.


There is tremendous optimism in the gesture of pointing our arrow towards the stars. The will to try to understand our place in the cosmos is an inherently optimistic position. Sagittarius is an energy that yearns to collage together all of the stories of our lives to determine pattern and, beneath this, the meaning of why things happen. Sag is inherently about meaning-making. The belief in greater meaning is the source of our fire, says Sag.

Across time, various structures of thought and belief have congealed to offer us ways of understanding the meaning of human life through stories and archetypes. We call these structures Religion and Philosophy. Sagittarius teaches us that when people gather together around a shared sense of purpose and meaning, there is powerful fire energy that lifts the heart and warms the spirit. Likewise, when structures of belief fossilize into rigid dogma, a community loses the integrity of its fire. Why? Because fire needs fresh air and tinder to stoke its flames.

Across this lunar cycle, we are invited to congregate and celebrate what we believe and what gives us hope in the darkest time of the year, whether we make meaning within the structure of a formal religion or philosophy, or whether we make it through the remembering of our personal stories. Sagittarius invites us to see there are as many ways to situate meaning as there are individuals out there, and there is no one singular way to feel hope, warmth, and light. May we come together in peace, respect, and joy.

There is so much more to say to dig into the wisdom of Sagittarius. To learn more with Britten, please click here.



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