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Your Horoscope for Scorpio Season is Here

Clear eyes, full Moon, can't lose. A Dallas astrologer helps guide you through Scorpio's intuitive, otherworldly energy.


Scorpio energy is here, and it doesn’t mess around. It’s time to reclaim your power, recover your magic, and slither into some fresh skin. Let’s make the most of it.

One of the symbols for Scorpio is the snake. The snake must shed skin in order to grow in its power. This New Moon is an invitation for you to shed something: a limiting belief about yourself, a self-sabotaging habit, a cycle of shame or fear that isn’t doing anyone any favors. In order for you to slither into some sexy new skin, you must do this.

As stale identities and old modes of performance drop away, your more essential and distilled beauty can then come through.

This is hard work. Spend a day clearing your home of dead energy (old clothes, dirt and hair, cluttered cupboards), and direct your will towards ridding the past in order to bring in something new. May this process be empowering for you! May it be ceremonial and exciting! May it feel like a reclamation of your innate magic!

Folks, this lunar cycle will get a little gnarly because Mercury (the plant representing the mind, communication, technology, relating, meaning-making) will cycle retrograde for three weeks starting on Halloween. That’s right: Mercury Retrograde during Scorpio Season.


Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will deal with raw truth. Saying the brutally true thing. Speaking to the essence of the situation. Revealing what has been previously hidden. Let me speak Scorpionically…

Truth: the degree to which you are hiding something is the degree to which this retrograde will be uncomfortable.

This cycle, call in your most gentle thought patterns around whatever you need to see and make meaning around. Be compassionate with yourself and others, as we will all be moving through the same retrograde. And remember that it’s not your business to force out other people’s secrets. Rather, aim to inspire others with the fierce bravery of your own truth.

The Full Moon in Taurus on November 12 will feel luscious and stabilizing. The moon loves to be in Taurus. Let the full moon remind you that whenever we do work on our roots (Scorpio Underworld themes), we do it in order to grow fruits (Taurus garden themes). Let the light of the moon lift your heart.

Here are three key ways to work with the Scorpio within, including local resources for support:

Extracting the Poison

In astrology, the traditional ruler of Scorpio is Mars. In its Scorpio guise, Mars identifies and extracts root cause. This speaks to the Scorpio’s ability to penetrate through facades and surfaces and locate precisely what drives and motivates a person, text, or situation. This aspect of the Scorpio persona can make someone incredibly gifted at things like investigative reporting, trauma surgery, psychoanalysis, or spycraft.

There is so much bravery in these abilities, and this is a really important part of what Scorpio teaches us all. In whatever house you have Scorpio in your chart, this is the field of life experience where you most demonstrate the ability to penetrate right to the heart of what matters, without looking away when things get intense.

Perhaps the most Scorpionic career of all is the stand-up comedian. Almost all great comedians have prominent Scorpio themes in their charts. What they’re doing when they say the funny thing is penetrating right to the very essence of whatever is the essential ridiculousness of a situation. We cry with tears of laughter as the force of such raw realness lights up our awareness. This laughter is, in fact, a form of poison extraction, for which we are grateful. The more we are attracted to Scorpio energy, the more deeply we beg to be stung with its sharp comedy.

Underworld Journeys

Scorpio’s modern ruler is Pluto, Lord of the Underworld in mythology. In astrology, Pluto speaks to the nature of our own unique journey through healing repressed and unintegrated parts of ourself back to wholeness. One of the ways we are tested on this path is through deeply committed partnerships. In the process of merging with another, we discover the ways in which we are still holding onto the rubble material of our younger selves.

In the famous myth of Psyche and Eros, the lovers initially had a variety of tests and rules with each other. Eros felt he had to hide Psyche from his disapproving mother, so he only came to her at night, and even then, she wasn’t allowed to look at his face. Psyche was fine with these conditions until her sisters visited, and planted a fear in her mind that she should look in case he was actually horrifying to behold. Insecure now and no longer able to trust him, Psyche brought a candle near her lover’s sleeping face, and was promptly caught in the act, and he banished her to the Underworld. After various tests in which Psyche had to learn her inner strength and resolve, she was able to return back from her cavernous journey. Now, Eros came back for her, ready to live with her openly without caring for his mother’s opinion. Psyche, more mature and self-trusting, was ready to commit to her love without searching for the validation of her sisters.

This is the process of learning to up-level in our relationships across time. We stumble, and we are tested, and we discover our complexes, fears, and repressions along the way. Ultimately, no one is going to heal us if we don’t first set our intention to understand why we do things.

In an upcoming issue, D Magazine spoke with Dr. Stephanie Burchell, a local therapist who specializes in working with couples to help resolve, restore and deepen the quality of their relationships.

Shared Investments

As Scorpio rules the things we share that are hidden, it also speaks to the nature of our shared investments in things. Scorpio is an energy that likes the secret movement of money, and enjoys keeping people guessing about what it’s up to. Shrewd, confident, and manipulative, Scorpio will never show its hand. With its natural powers of transformation, Scorpio can intuit how to turn a business investment around and slither through whatever crises come along. At the end of the day with Scorpio, it’s all about power, and the Scorpio within us makes sure we don’t surrender it.

The hidden movement of money and power in this city is the most Scorpio aspect of Dallas, a city that’s more often known for its Taurean surface delights. But Scorpio and Taurus are polar signs, and thus are two sides of the same coin. Nothing epitomizes Dallas’s Scorpionic side better than Shark Tank, which is co-hosted by one of our most famous residents, Mark Cuban. The show reveals what is usually hidden: the calculating arguments and thought processes behind business investments. The discussions on the show can sting and feel too honest and too plainly about accruing power, but Scorpio argues that it’s better to look closely at what is, than to pretend something else is really happening.

To learn more about the medicine of Scorpio with Britten, please click here.



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