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Your Horoscope for Saturday’s New Moon in Libra

Clear eyes, full Moon, can't lose. A Dallas astrologer helps guide you through harmonious and sociable Libra season.


Change is in the air. The arrival of Libra coincides with the Autumn Equinox and a shift into the new season. It’s important to pause and really process what this means. Equinox refers to “equal” “night” – the point at which the sun crosses the earth’s equator, and day and night are equal length. From here on, the days grow shorter in the northern hemisphere. The equinox asks that we acknowledge our dualities. We hold within us energies both light and dark, masculine and feminine, creative and destructive. We hold the Sun and the Moon, death and rebirth, play and work, and on and on… Libra is the principle of balance.

An Air sign, Libra relates to communication, meaning-making, and relating. It is the part of us that seeks harmony in interpersonal contracts – marriage, friendships, business partnerships. Through Libra, we come to understand that it is through our relationships with others that we learn the most about ourselves. Through the mirror of the Other, we discover the ways we receive – and the ways we block – authentic and pleasurable connection with another person. And most importantly, the Libra learning process teaches us that we must learn how to maintain our values, agency, and self-care, so that we don’t forsake ourselves because of our desire for harmonious relationship.

The New Moon invites us to welcome in the healing potential of renewed balance in these areas. With the Sun and Moon opposite Chiron, the Wounded Healer, the collective invitation is to set an intention this cycle for compassionately witnessing and addressing our pain points in relationships.

Questions for self-inquiry include:

  • What have I been learning lately about what I most want from my partnerships?
  • What do my partnerships seem to most want from me?
  • Are the energetic contracts I create with my partnerships fair to both parties?
  • What limits do I place on compassionately listening? In other words, do I ever block myself from totally being there for my partners? Is that block related to a time I was hurt by someone in the past?
  • How could I take responsibility for more beauty in my relationships? How can I ask for more responsibility for that work from my partners?
  • To what degree is my relationship with someone bogged down by fear because of past pain? How can I invite in more trust so that my relationships can thrive in present time?

The Full Moon in Aries on October 13 will bring some intensity because it will have a hard angle to the planet Pluto. This is already a hungry and mysterious moon, more potent in these longer nights, and fiery in the sign of Aries. This is the Hunter’s Moon, known for this name because it falls after the Harvest Moon when the animals are out to feast on the gleanings – and each other! And so, it will be a Full Moon to bring mindful attention to what comes up for us around this time within our relationships. Beware the workings of the mind around blame, fear, jealousy, and paranoia. Patience will be our best ally as we move through this energy!

Here are three key ways to work with the Libra within, including local resources for support:


The planet that “rules” Libra – that imparts its qualities and principles, so to speak – is Venus. In her Libran guise, Venus calls upon us to bring beauty, charm, and ease to the way we relate to others. Libra is associated with diplomacy because of Venus. In order to hear one another, to be able to listen to the needs of someone else, we need to lay down our insecurities and defenses. Libra, then, is the part of us that can literally disarm people with charm, wit, and bridge-building rhetoric.

To cultivate this part of us in Libra season, we can ask ourselves how we facilitate beauty and diplomacy in our relationships. This is a supporting time to get curious about evolving our skills of gentle persuasion. How could you be better at diffusing potentially heated discussions with big-hearted patience, measured words, and loving calm?

Part of how we cultivate beautiful relationships is in preparing and tending to the environment in advance. We create social spaces that promote discussion and invite questions. We set a table with food and drink that beckon conversation and gathering. We clear the room of clutter and stale energy, and enliven it with fresh air, generous light, and living plants. The eighteenth century “salon” was a Libran space for the art of conversation.

What of the Libran environment now? Surely, with the bickering and venom of so much social media commenting, we need our Libra more than ever. The art of the dinner party fades, and restaurants seem to focus more on turnover than cultivating conviviality. We are too exhausted to host, too stretched to tend to beauty, too overwhelmed to make time for what our elders call “visiting.” And yet we must, for conversation and relating is the pulse of the heart and mind. And there are beautiful places in this city for enjoying each other. Why not eat and socialize surrounded by actual art? Lunch at the Nasher Sculpture Center’s Café is a true step away from the frenzy of modern life. Moreover, the seasonal programming at our local museums is a resource for all of us to elevate our dialogue and connect through Venus.


The symbol for Libra is the scales. It is in rebalancing that we recover our health and ease. Most of us recognize when and how we are out of balance. Modern life makes it nearly impossible to hold any sense of alignment for very long. Between all of our commitments, goals, deadlines, and responsibilities, we regularly feel some measure of depletion, anxiety, frustration, and resentment. Libra says: Let there be balance. The planet that astrology anoints as “exalted” in Libra (meaning that it fits beautifully and evolves our understanding of the sign) is Saturn. Saturn teaches us, through Libra, to set those boundaries.

There’s a lot of talk about boundaries these days for very good reason. We live in a world where we are more psychically and spatially fused than ever as a species because of social media, GPS, smart phones, and texting. We rarely get to feel autonomous, free, or private anymore, because we are constantly connected. And, our bodies are in shock.

To begin to realign into balance, we must be vigilant about guarding our personal space, our down time, and our psychic investment in what other people think of us. Let us not forget that the shadow side of Libra is chronic people pleasing and an obsession with popularity. Is this not what the addiction to social media encourages?

Never fear: There are countless wonderful people in this community who are here to help us recover our balance and alignment. Dr. Alan Chen is one of these healers. A chiropractor and acupuncturist, Dr. Chen has helped me recover from multiple physical and emotional imbalances. Across 14 years, he has healed a foot injury that I was told needed surgery. He shepherded me through the post-partum period after the birth of both my daughters. He nurtured my knee and ankle pain back to full health, and has even diminished my flu symptoms. He also has a warm and magical connection with children.


Let’s face it: Sometimes in order to restore balance and harmony, we call on the law. There’s divine law, and there’s earthly law, and these aren’t always the same thing. In the Tarot, Libra is associated with the Justice card. In the traditional image, an androgynous figure sits upon a throne. In one hand, they hold the scales of the law; in the other, the sword of Truth. Libra as Justice is really about clear-seeing. We cannot right an imbalance unless we’re willing to be radically honest and real with what something is, as opposed to what we wish it would be.

The Justice card can be a great ally when we want to move through change in our relationships. The Justice card – at its highest levels – truly requires us to be accountable, responsible, and honest about the contracts we have and will forge with people. Sometimes in this process, we realize and have to face the fact that we are unhappy with the contract we’ve either literally or energetically been accepting with someone. We see that we had been willing to accept certain behaviors, language, and agreements based on an old way of being. Libra as the Justice card can help us rewrite these contracts with integrity, grace, and discernment.

Moving through divorce is a painful and literal example of rewriting contracts. Because of the nature of the rupture, emotions can cloud our Libran talents for diplomacy, harmony, and fairness. And when children are involved, it becomes imperative to restore a new balance with as little harm to them as possible. We have incredible resources in Dallas to help with this process! Dr. Honey Sheff is an invaluable guide, who helps divorcing parents navigate all steps in the process. She teaches couples how to script the announcement to the children in a way that centers what the children most need to know. She can help create a possession schedule that considers all of the potential conflicts that might arise so that there are structures in place to avoid common pitfalls and frustrations. She has a way of directly speaking (Justice) that shakes people awake to what is most important for their children, which is parents who communicate and collaborate for their best interests.

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