Tight Lagree Studio features the city's only Megaformer M3X machines. Tarin Frantz

Class Review

Class Review: Tight Lagree Fitness

A Lagree newbie paid a visit to the new Park Cities studio, which features the city's only Megaformer M3X machines.

As far as calorie burning goes, I typically rely on yoga or cardio, avoiding traditional gym workouts altogether because, honestly, machines are scary.

So you can imagine how I felt this week, when I found myself facing a lineup of 10-foot long machines (each with various springs and handlebars) at Tight, a new Lagree studio that just opened in Park Cities. The whole scene was giving me major Transformers vibes. On top of that, the machine is called a “Megaformer M3X,” so I definitely felt like I was in one of those Shia Labeouf movies.

Truthfully, Megaformers are meant to cut down on workout anxiety. “They offer a very individual workout, so you really feel like you’re in your own little space.” owner Ginger Appleberry told us this summer.

I decided to find out for myself.

Taking the Class

As soon as I reminded my myself that Meghan Markle swears by this method, I checked my fear at the door and was ready to start my first Lagree class.

You climb into the machine immediately. A gliding carriage, platform, handlebars, springs, and ramps are all utilized from the machine, so breaking down the different exercises would be a lot to process. But here’s what you do need to know: during every move, the machine challenges you to engage your core, press into your feet, or squeeze your glutes. No muscle goes unused.

This class is definitely one of the most intense classes I’ve taken, but it’s also very approachable. It takes you to your edge but doesn’t force you to go past it. My legs were shaking about 15 minutes in and continued to do so for the duration of the 45-minute class.

The best part? I was taking Megaformer 101, the introductory class where classes are typically smaller and transitions are broken down. Megaformer Total Body, is more intense, moving through transitions quickly. So, if you’re new to this, I highly recommend starting off with 101.

Gold lockers and a stylish, product-filled bathroom offer a luxe touch.

The Space

According to Appleberry, it was important to create a space that women felt beautiful in. As someone who always sports a coat of mascara and a pair of studs earrings when I work out, I deeply appreciate this. Both the colorful, overhead light show and the natural rays from the window makes looking in the mirror pleasant and empowering while you’re testing your body’s limits.

Okay, I Get It 

I completely get the appeal of this class. My body felt like it was humming with endorphins after. Plus, you’re not left feeling like you need to add extra cardio — a downside to some toning classes.

Maybe workout machines aren’t so bad?

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