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A Guide to Ordering Custom Cakes in Dallas

From birthdays to baby showers, a tailor-made dessert is the perfect centerpiece.

Nothing says ‘party’ like a good cake. I’m not talking about the kind you can pick up at your local grocery store. I’m talking about those crazily decorated, colorful custom cakes that beg to be a featured on an Instagram story. And though you want a bespoke dessert for every celebration, most bakeries need a solid heads up before they can whip up your dream cake.

I talked to Dallas’s baking professionals to find out the best places to get any kind of custom cake that suits your fancy, and what you need to know before ordering.

Goodies Cakery

For an eye-catching creation. 

Dani Goodman of Goodies Cakery turned her baking hobby into a full-fledged business in 2017. A peek at her Instagram page reveals vibrant colors and over-the-top designs, including a cake completely covered in photos of Kris Jenner’s face (yes).

Thanks to a deal with the American Airlines Center, Goodman has gotten the chance to bake for celebrities like Bruno Mars, Harry Styles, and Kacey Musgraves. “I definitely felt the pressure on those,” she says. “I called my mom and was fangirling a bit.” Compared to other desserts, Goodman said a custom cake can make a celebration that much more special. “When people have a normal cake, you just eat it. But when it’s a crazy cake, it’s the centerpiece of a party,” she said.

How to Order

You’ll need to plan in advance for Goodies. Each cake is baked to order, so Goodman recommends submitting an order at least two weeks prior to your desired pickup date, or a month to be extra safe. “The longer I have, the more time there is to be creative and out of the box,” she said, “But I also like to push myself, so, honestly, people can reach out regardless of how last minute.”

As for design, Goodman says attaching photos of your inspiration for the cake is always helpful. “It’s not a big problem if you don’t know what you want, but any info is helpful to get ideas rolling,” she says.

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Crumb & Kettle

For a clean-lined creation. 

Crumb and Kettle is a Dallas staple when it comes to wedding cakes. Which is fitting, considering its inception was baked into a love story. Heather Harbord and her now husband dreamed of opening a bake shop just months into dating. In 2018, their dream became a reality with a cozy spot on Polk Street, where Harbord is able to make cakes and treats for all occasions with an artistic approach. “We don’t do character or novelty cakes,” said. “Those are great, but they just aren’t my style.”

What you need to know before ordering

Harbord prefers to keep her creations 100 percent original. “My preference is not to copy a cake that is already out there,” she said. “It’s not fun for me or the client.” Instead, Harbord asks that customers send in pictures that inspire the event. From there, she’ll sketch out a mock-up design. Once you’re happy with your look, Habford typically needs a minimum of two weeks to get your new creation ready. For last-minute party plans, you can quick-order a Crumb & Kettle signature cake with just seven days’ lead time.

Not sure what flavors you want? Crumb and Kettle serves cake by the slice every weekend so you can try out some flavors and pick your favorites.

Society Bakery

For a focus on flavor. 

Roshi Muns had been baking since she was a little kid. In 2003, she quit her job in order to bake and sell cookies. When she founded Society Bakery, she was surprised that there was a high-demand for cakes (she originally planned to call her business Society Cookie). With a talent for drawing, a business degree from Texas Tech, and a love for baking, she taught herself how to design custom cakes. 17 years later, Muns prides herself on her personalized creations. “We specialize in hand drawn designs and use only real cream cheese and butter cream,” she says. “If you’re receiving a custom cake that you know someone ordered just for you, it makes it that much more special.”

What you need to know before ordering

According to Muns, the safest option is to place an order at least three weeks in advance, though they will always try to accommodate last-minute orders. “Our artists are creative by nature and we love eating and making new flavors,” she said. “I hope that shows when people try us for the first time—the proof is in the pudding.” 

Rush Patisserie  

For a little French flair.

Samantha Rush specializes in French pastries at the Oak Cliff-based pasty boutique and cake salon, Rush Patisserie, where she serves up macarons, eclairs, and even a specialty dish called the “un-cupcake.” But when it comes to custom cakes, Rush said flavor and freshness of ingredients are the most important things. Because of this, her cakes are more simplistically designed. “We want it to wow you with the flavor rather than having all the decorations,” Rush says.

What you need to know before ordering

Rush said she prefers a two to three days’ notice for custom baked goods, but she warns that she won’t always accept over-the-top designs. “I’m big on freshness, so I don’t take cakes that take a long time in terms of decoration,” she said. “People know if they get a cake from me, it was baked that day, and is as fresh as possible.” As for submitting orders, Rush prefers you email or walk-in, rather than submit via social media. “We are a smaller business, so we don’t always have time to check social media pages,” she says.

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