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Dallas is Finally Getting a Dance Cardio Studio

And the perfect person is heading it up.
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Cristin Caulfield of Frame Dance Fitness

Dallas is Finally Getting a Dance Cardio Studio

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*Since publishing, Frame Dance Fitness has changed its named to Caulfields Dance Fitness.

Dallas has a little bit of everything in its saturated boutique fitness scene. We’re covered on boot camps, barre, and Pilates, and we have more solid spinning options than one town deserves. We even have some of the rarer concepts, such as VersaClimber studios and even a space devoted to the art of the handstand.

But we’ve come up tragically empty when it comes to studios devoted to dance cardio, a fitness category that’s been going strong on the coasts for years. Occasionally, a Body by Simone or Dancebody will grace us with a fleeting visit. Gwyneth Paltrow-favorite Tracy Anderson popped up in Highland Park Village for a few weeks at the end of 2016. But it’s always a tease—an addicting taste of a full-body cardio workout that doesn’t include bikes or treadmills.

Fortunately, Dallas’ lack of dance cardio studios should be remedied soon, and the longtime local instructor behind it all, Cristin Caulfield, couldn’t be more perfect for the job. “Dance is my whole life, basically. It’s what I’m most passionate about,” says Caulfield, a former Dallas Mavericks dancer who’s helped choreograph tours for artists such as Gwen Stefani (Harajuku Lovers) Tour and Britney Spears (Hotel Onyx). (Casual.)

Caulfield started planning for Frame Dance Fitness about a year and a half ago, and hopes to open the space in Casa Linda Plaza by the end of the summer. Her main focus: dance cardio and sculpt classes, with relatively simplistic, repeating choreography to start as Dallas catches on to the routines. “I want to create a space where everyone can get into dance cardio, and make it as unintimidating as possible,” says Caulfield.

We’re still a ways off from Frame Dance’s debut, but per the internet, we’re expecting plenty of glorious 80s aerobic vibes, and another fun way to distract us from getting our cardio in.