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The Med Spa the Internet Built

At House of Preservation, the popular beauty blog-turned-med spa, it's all about the experience.
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The Med Spa the Internet Built

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Three years ago, no longer satisfied in their corporate jobs, best friends Brittany Ricketts and Rylie Bland mapped out a plan. “We literally put pen to paper and said, ‘Okay, what are we into?’ I kept writing down variations of “beauty” and “skincare” — that’s our obsession. We’re so consumed with the industry,” says Ricketts. “So I said, ‘We have to become estheticians. We need to go to school, then we need to work in a med spa, and then we’re going to open our own.”

It’s a familiar story. Friends get tired of the corporate world and dreams up a plan to do something more satisfying and creative. But Ricketts and Bland stuck to their roadmap, and while training to be estheticians, the duo decided to launch a beauty blog to share the tips and tricks they learned. “We’re both pretty full-disclosure with what we do, and take a lot of pride in taking care of our skin,” We started House of Preservation to educate in a way that’s relatable, like we’re talking with our best friends.”

With posts such as “The Skinny on Laser Hair Removal” and “Should Your Skincare Sting?,” along with long-form Instagram captions discussing buzzy beauty ingredients and encouraging discussions about Botox, House of Preservation (the internet entity) garnered a bit of cult following. This week, the glowing blond duo joins their followers IRL at House of Preservation med spa, the physical embodiment of the blog’s luxe-yet-attainable aesthetic on Fitzhugh Avenue.

“We had a clear vision from the beginning for something that, to be frank, we felt was missing. We wanted to create a place that we were obsessed with, where we felt like we could trust everything, and was just the place to be,” says Bland. “Everyone on our team has been injecting for 10-plus years. This is our dream team.”

Every client who walks in the door will be welcomed with bone broth, one of the complexion boosters the friends swears by on their blog. Services range from laser hair removal to highly-tailored facials and injectables, with a menu that highlights the variety of ways Botox can be used aesthetically.

“We’ve come up with little names to help people know all the things that Botox can do besides getting rid of wrinkles,” says Ricketts. “For example, ‘Gummy Smile.’ If you show too much gum when you smile, we can add a couple of units of Botox to the area above the lip.” Other options include “Baby Botox” (a light sprinkling of the neurotoxin to ease new users in), “Sayonara Sweat Stains” (to prevent excessive underarm sweat), and “Dimpled Chin” (to even out the area).

House of Preservation also offers chemical peels and dermaplaning, BBL photofacials, microneedling, Kybella, and dermal fillers, which both women are open about using. “We dabble in everything. You can’t be a true professional and not have experience,” says Ricketts. The two also believe in stacking filler, which they sell by the unit (not by syringe) to encourage moderation. “You start with a conservative amount for whatever area is troubling you, and you let that settle. Then you can always come back for more” Ricketts says. “And you don’t need to be scared about getting fillers, because they can always be dissolved.”

House of Preservation’s online presence will remain intact and updated, serving as a source for information and communication with Ricketts and Bland. “The blog is the backbone for everything that we do,” says Bland. “You will always have a direct line to us through Instagram DM because let’s face it, it’s hard to remember everything you’re told during an appointment!”