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5 Healthy Choices Kameron Westcott Makes in a Day

The reality star and 'dogpreneur' talks Bandier, John Benton, and sanity-maintaining massages.
By Kimber Westphall |

Wellness is a major buzzword these days, but it can mean a little something different to everyone. Does it stand for self-care and restoration, or is it more about strength and endurance? So, we created a series breaking down the healthy habits of local influencers and entrepreneurs, allowing them to define what wellness means on a personal level.

Kameron Westcott, The Real Housewives of Dallas’ resident lithe blonde and ‘dogpreneur,’ is a big believer in the most important meal of the day. “I wake up and force myself to eat breakfast even if I’m not hungry. This prevents me from making bad decisions at lunch,” says Westcott. “I usually make plain oatmeal with a teaspoon of peanut butter or I will have wheat bread with avocado.”

She’s also thankful for the Luna Bars she keeps tucked away in her purse, and Highland Park Village’s Bandier, her favorite local source for athleisure. We caught up with the Sparkle Dog founder and mother of two to discuss her ideal healthy day and her sensible approach to wellness.

If you had to choose a workout to do on your ideal healthy day, what would it be?
I would go work out with John Benton at Model Fitness or I would go see Trent at Ninety20.

You’ve said you’re not a cook, so you must know all the good restaurants in town. What’s your go-to if you want to eat healthy?
I love to get healthy options from Dive Coastal Cuisine in Snider Plaza. Their salads are amazing! Making healthy choices is the hardest thing to do. Do I want spaghetti every night? Yes. Do I want pizza every night? Yes, of course! But I only let myself splurge on the weekends. During the week, I choose grilled items, and if I don’t eat a salad for lunch, I will for dinner.

With such a busy schedule, how do you stay motivated to make good choices throughout the day?
My children are my motivation! I remind myself that I’ll live longer for my children if I keep myself healthy. I want to live forever to see everything in their life! Plus, hello, I’d like to always look good in a bikini for spring break.

Staying busy with family and work can keep you running in different directions. How do keep your mind healthy and centered?
I lose my mind all the time! I will go get a deep tissue massage if I have to re-center myself. I can usually function again after that.

Okay let’s end this on a sweet note. Tell us how you fight the sugar cravings, especially if you’re not splurging throughout the week.
I never take sugar completely away. I give myself one single piece of Dove dark chocolate after my meals, which keeps me from ever going crazy over desserts. I also don’t drink at all during the week unless it’s a social event.

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