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5 Dallas Brides Share Their Beauty and Fitness Wedding Prep Routines

Covering everything from microdermabrasion to new gym memberships.
By Kimber Westphall |

The world has a weird fascination with wedding prep.  A highly detailed wedding prep account written by Emily Weiss, founder of Glossier, has left an indelible mark on many. If you Google “Meghan Markle wedding prep,” pages and pages of articles from Vanity Fair, The Cut, and even The Food Network appear.

We turned our eye to local brides-to-be (and one newlywed) to get the down low on their personal prep for the big day. From microdermabrasion to new gym memberships and a necessary glass of wine to destress, these five brides shared all.

Julia Vivian

Julia and Beau Burkhalter

Wedding date: June 16, 2018

What beauty and skincare prep did you do before your wedding?
I worked with Daniela Bell and she is amazing! I am very into makeup and all things beauty, so when I came across her social media account, I knew I could trust her to make me look my absolute best. Daniela is a miracle worker! She captured everything I was envisioning for my wedding day.

Did you switch up your workout routine at all?
My background is in competitive cheer and professional dance, so I’ve always been a very active person and I’m used to following a structured fitness plan. But as our wedding day got closer, I really wanted to tone up. I started going to interval circuit training at Evolve to achieve my ideal look. I attended 5:30am classes pretty consistently four to five times a week.

What about your diet?
I cut out all dairy, alcohol, and chips (my guilty pleasure) to help clean up my diet. I did break these rules on a few occasions, of course, but for the most part I stayed true to it. I am happy to report that after almost six months I met my goal and I am thrilled with the results! I feel great and my hair and skin look a lot better after following a good routine.

Aside from your glam makeup wedding day look, what else did you do for your skin?
I started getting a monthly microdermabrasion facial at the Yellow House Salon and Boutique in Allen. I think I passed out from pure relaxation every single time.

Megan O’Brien

Javier Fuentes and Megan O’Brien | photo by Bryant McCain of Complete Weddings + Events

Wedding date: July 28, 2018

What workouts are you doing leading up to the big day? Were there any target areas you want to highlight in your dress? 
I had actually signed up for personal training at my gym a few months before the engagement just wanting the kick in the pants I needed to start being a little healthier. I was glad to have these new tools in my arsenal after the engagement! Actually, my fiancé started coming to my training appointments as well and has really gotten in to it. Being able to motivate each other and have that accountability has been helpful. I knew my legs would be covered in a long dress, so while I know you’re never supposed to skip leg day, I’ve opted to focus on arms, back and shoulders, as they’ll be a bit more exposed on my big day.

Have you switched up your eating? 
My fiancé is vegetarian, so I have definitely switched up my eating habits, though I consider it more of a lifestyle change than a diet. I haven’t done any fad diets or strict plans, but I have definitely been more conscious of what I’m eating and how much. I’ve also made an effort to cut back on the drinks! I’ve learned that just having one drink is sufficient at happy hour. We also signed up for the vegetarian plan through Blue Apron, which means we’re eating out less and not going to the grocery store as often (so not passing that brownie brittle and popping it in the cart).

Any cool facials or skincare routines you’re following? 
I tried out dermaplaning and I will totally do it again a few days before the wedding. It is gentle, low-risk, makes you feel pampered and I think it helps makeup stick a little bit better.

What else have you changed up to prepare? 
As a lady with bangs, I am really trying to make sure I don’t do anything drastic too close to the wedding. Sometimes it is hard to fit in a trim, so I’ll do a little chop myself, but that can be dangerous! I recently got a little too overzealous and kind of butchered them. I am scheduling a trim and final haircut in these final few weeks that’s not too far out (they’ll grow too much) but not so close that nothing can be done if the trim goes bad. Bangs are a commitment almost as serious as marriage.

How are you making sure you get plenty of sleep with the extra stress and hours planning your wedding? 
Unfortunately no, not at all! Are there brides that are able to do this out there? I feel as though I am usually pretty busy, so adding wedding planning to the mix definitely does not equal more sleep.

Susan Kamyab

Susan Kamyab and Trevor Stephens | by Selah Photography

Wedding date: November 17, 2018

What workouts are you doing leading up to the big day? Any target areas you want to highlight in your dress?
Once I got engaged I began running about three times a week (about three miles each time). My goal was to lose the stubborn belly fat and slim down in my thighs. My wedding dress is tighter in those areas so I’d like to look fit there. I can’t say the running has been consistent but it has helped a lot. A great work out for my mid-section is an at-home 100-day challenge, which includes various amounts of sit-ups, crunches and squats on each day.

Have you switched up your eating?
I’ve definitely changed my diet! My fiancé and I both started being more conscious  of our sugar intake, and I’m all about portion control. I’ve cut soda out completely and I try to avoid eating or drinking anything besides hot tea and water after 8:30pm.

How are you making sure you get plenty of sleep with the extra stress and hours planning your wedding?
That’s the thing I’m awful with. I should be better about going to bed earlier, but with working and wedding planning I still somehow head to bed closer to 1am. I do not recommend this to anyone. The days I actually get a good night’s rest, I feel so much more refreshed. If I need to make myself go to be early, melatonin or chamomile tea tend to help.

Mindy Stanton

Grant Busch and Mindy Stanton, photo by Quattro Studio Photography

Wedding date: March 20, 2019 

What workouts are you doing leading up to the big day? Any target areas you want to highlight in your dress?
I’ve been boxing and running to lead up to the big day. My arms and back are the two most prevalent areas showing in my dress so I want to accentuate those.

Have you switched up your eating?
I haven’t switched my eating up too much. I have always been a big believer in eating what’s healthy for my body. I try not to view food as something that needs to be structured.

Any cool facials or skincare routines you’re following?
I wear sunscreen every day and try to stay out of the sun. Leading up to the big day I have increased the SPF I wear on my face everyday to 50 SPF and re-apply when I can. I’ve been more consistent with my skincare routine to get results for the big day. Every day counts. My skincare routine usually consists of washing my face with a cleanser, two different toners, a serum (one at morning and one at night), and a hydrating cream. I also do a face mask twice a week and exfoliate every couple of days.

What else have you changed up to prepare?
I’ve actually changed up my daily schedule to accommodate the extra time it takes to plan a wedding. I wake up earlier so I can check my e-mail before work, bring my laptop to work during the lunch hour, and review everything else before I go to bed. The wedding planning process is only as enjoyably and smooth as you make it. All of my vendors have been so on top of it so it’s up to me to respond on time so I don’t end up viewing wedding planning as a hassle.

How do you relax and unwind when wedding planning stresses you out?
My favorite time is my bath time. This is my “me” time and always has been. This is the one time of day I put all electronics away and decompress from the day.

Sara Reynolds

Jeff Rodgers and Sara Reynolds

Wedding date: October 13, 2018

Have you switched up your eating habits?
Yes. I am doing an Ideal Protein diet and have lost 50 pounds so far!

What else have you changed up to prepare?
I am mainly focusing on diet. I also got SmileDirectClub’s teeth aligners to fix a gap in my teeth—a result of never wearing my retainer after braces in middle school. 

How are you making sure you get plenty of sleep with the extra stress and hours planning your wedding?
So far I haven’t had stress-related sleep issues, but I’ve never been a great sleeper. I am working on having a better routine of going to bed early, eating healthy, and exercising. 

How do you relax and unwind when wedding planning stresses you out?
I always budget room for wine in my diet!