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Where Does Cyclebar Fit in the Dallas Spin Studio Hierarchy?

Let's break it down.
By Caitlin Clark |

The latest national studio to put roots in Dallas, Cyclebar, opened their latest local studio in Uptown’s new, super sleek McKinney & Olive building this month. Like all spin studios, you can expect dim lights, loud music, a distinct color theme (this time its red!), and an inevitable Drake-themed workout. You might also anticipate confusing its name with another local spin studio (Cyclewheel? Cyclehouse? Flybar?). It happens to everyone and it’s fine.

So why should you visit Cyclebar? There are a few things that distinguish the studio. Free shoes (for reference, SoulCycle charges $3 to rent them) and complimentary healthy snacks make a difference. There’s a competition element to Cyclebar (there are two massive flat screens that track your class ranking), and a DJ booth, which is rare in Dallas studios. It’s almost the most affordable spin studio in town — the $24 drop in-is fee only trumped by Zyn22’s $22 (natch) rate. Finally, the location is killer. It’s easily walkable for both Uptown and downtown residents. (Until now, the only spin class you could really walk to from downtown was Vital Fitness Studio.)

Of course, the best way to manage workout expectations is to identify Cyclebar’s spin studio equivalent, right? The promise of free snacks is great, but reference points are better. I’ve tried almost every spin studio at least once (except for Ride House, I’m coming for you, Ride House!), and in terms of studios that are solely dedicated to the art of the spin, Cyclebar ranks pretty high. It’s essentially a cross between FlyWheel’s luxe feel and competitive nature — which people either love or loath — and Zyn22’s clubby vibes and riser-like way of arranging bikes.

It’s no SoulCycle, because nothing will ever be SoulCycle. The first on the scene not only perfected the transcendent, feel-good studio vibe, but they’ve even managed to sell people on the brand sans bikes (seriously). But Cyclebar is a solid spin studio option that we’re lucky to have, particularly given its prime new location.

The Uptown studio has been benevolently offering free rides through this week to celebrate their opening (there are still some waitlist options), but you should totally give it a spin (I’m so sorry) when normal classes resume on Monday. (For those farther north, there’s another Cyclebar location in the Preston Forest area.) See you there for the inevitable Cardi B-themed ride!

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