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Class Review

Fitness First Take: Evolve Fitness

This class is a game changer.
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The Class: I took the MET45 training class at Evolve Fitness at 5:45pm on Wednesday.

The Appeal: Evolve is new to the Dallas area. Though there is a membership option and the option to workout independently, Evolve also offers group sessions. Several NBA and NFL dancers have shown the gym love on Instagram.

The Instructor: Co-owner Sharif Abboud was the instructor of the class. Sharif did an amazing job engaging with everyone. It can be hard for instructors to keep a 45-minute-long session fun and upbeat while making sure everyone is using the proper technique, but he nailed it.

The Space: The small studio includes all your typical weight training necessities and cardio machines, alongside a long patch of artificial grass for plyometric training and sled runs.

Who’s  There: Men and women of all ages and fitness levels looking for a good workout and an encouraging environment to go with it.

What to Wear: Whatever you typically work out in and tennis shoes. Just prepare to get extremely sweaty.

How It Went: The class is centered on a hybrid training format that incorporates resistance, metabolic, and athletic training within a 45-minute high intensity circuit. The circuit is comprised of five stations with two exercises at each station. You move through each station with a partner and do each exercise in the station two times through. Each station was either focused on weight training like olympic squats, high intensity training like sled runs, or both. Once we completed the five station circuit, we lined up in next to the treadmill in groups of three and did three more stations – one on the treadmill and two plyometric exercises on the ground. After this ended I was convinced that we were done because I was totally exhausted by this point, but then we lined up and did the whole circuit again, but at a little faster of a pace and that concluded the workout.

The Aftermath: Two days later, my legs are still extremely sore. I mean, my upper body is sore too, but not as bad as my legs. I felt amazing right after the class.

Loved: I was a big fan of how Sharif organized the class. It was hard to do, but easy to follow. The atmosphere is encouraging, as are the other class goers. I also loved how the class incorporated everything in 45 minutes.

Didn’t Love: I felt a little light-headed after the first circuit, but thats a sign of hard work, right?

Difficulty: I work out everyday and this class was extremely challenging for me. With that said, Sharif gives everyone different moderations for the exercises depending on their fitness level. You can make the class as easy or as hard as you want it to be, and you’ll still get a great workout.

Bottom Line: This is a workout everyone needs to try because it is a game changer. It’s perfect for anyone and everyone because it incorporates all aspects of fitness. I 10/10 recommend!

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