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Class Review

Fitness First Take: One Lagree

Tone and tighten with the new Oak Lawn studio's intense full-body workout.
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The Class: I took the All Levels class at 2 pm on a Tuesday. It was 45-minutes long.

The Instructor: I had the pleasure of being trained by Kat, who did a phenomenal job keeping the class interesting and engaging with each person throughout.

The Appeal: If you dig Pilates, Lagree (which often gets confused with Pilates) pushes the low-impact, core-focused workout further.

The Space: The small, narrow studio keeps it simple because all your work is done on the M3 Megaformer. At the front of the room is the check in desk, some super cute workout clothes you can purchase, and small cubbies to put your stuff in during your workout.

Who’s There: Women of all ages rocking the trendiest of grip socks.

How It Went: When I first got to the studio, Kat showed me the ropes and introduced me to the M3 Megaformer, which was pretty intimidating for a Lagree novice. She showed me all the different resistance bands, how to maneuver the machine, and how to change the resistance throughout the workout.

The M3 Megaformer has a few “mega” differences from the traditional Pilates reformer, which took some getting used to. The actual machine is wider and has a lighter carriage, encouraging quick spring load changes, shorter transition periods, and a higher intensity workout. Overall, the workout is much different than a classic Pilates session. By focusing on slow-twitch muscle fibers, Lagree helps with lengthening and toning during long endurance challenges. In 45 minutes I took essentially zero breaks because of Lagree’s short transition periods.

Once everyone arrived we started off the class with some intense core, which was the point in the class at which I realized how weak my core actually was. After core we moved straight into legs and burned them out one at a time. While working on legs, we stood on one of the stationary ends, held onto some resistance bands that helped with controlling our movements, put our right foot on the carriage and did a variety of lunging and pulsing movements that had my body shaking (in the best way).

We hit every muscle group throughout the class making for the perfect full-body, fat-blasting workout.

The Aftermath: My legs felt like Jello. I was sweaty, trembling, red in the face, and happy about it. The day after the workout my core was extremely sore, but I definitely expected that considering how much it burned during the session.

Loved: The workout went by quickly, and the transitions are quick but smooth. The instructor is super motivating and helpful throughout the entire workout, and the atmosphere is encouraging and uplifting.

Hated: I wasn’t a huge fan of how tight the space is, but it makes sense for the amount of machines in the studio.

Cost: The New Client Special is $69 for two weeks of unlimited classes. You can also purchase a single class ($32), five classes ($155), or a 10-class package ($300).

Difficulty Level: Lagree is a high intensity, cardio-focused workout that is mentally and physically challenging in nature, though still low-impact. Celebrity trainer Sebastien Lagree designed each workout to push you to your limits and burn between 500 and 800 calories. For 45 minutes straight (with little to no rest), you’ll experience constant tension in your slow twitch muscle fibers, boost your metabolism, and sweat like crazy. It’s one of the most unique and challenging workouts I’ve ever done.

Bottom Line: Lagree is an unconventional, high intensity, fat blasting, and tush toning workout that will kick your butt into shape in 45 minutes. Its fast, fun, effective and I would highly recommend it.



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